Crafting connections through design.

We are tech-shaped designersartists, and developers.

Our team creates meaningful modern-day design solutions with years of experience and passion for the craft.

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Our services

Application Design

We turn complex ideas into simplified and working digital tools and services.

By putting the core design and idea first, we focus on what is important.

Game Design

With a decade-long experience in the field, we develop meaningful experiences for all ages, from story-driven PC titles to hypercasual mobile games.


We listen to the business' needs and problem areas and translate them into custom marketing solutions, from full branding to websites, ads, and sale pitches.


We share our own experiences and skills to educate and guide others, so they can reach their own goals.




We simplify the digital design and innovation process with a rapid design/iteration approach that generates substantial outcomes, quick results, and cuts costs.

Strategy & planning

We simplify the process of creating digital content and solutions by going to the core of a business problem, rapidly generating and prototyping new ideas, then quickly iterating in test/learn cycles. We create a strategy based on

a realistic, manageable project plan.

Design & development

Our designers and developers listen and translate ambitious goals and ideas into an intuitive, user-focused design and tech that is safe and water-tight.

Launch & improvement

We secure seamless launching and technical implementation. From there,

we support ongoing improvements and optimization. We can help you keep

the engine running smoothly, track performance, enhance strategy, and

add engagement.






Game Education

With multiple released games, hundreds of millions of eyeballs, dozens of established (and some buried) game companies, we can say that we have an honest and realistic story to share.

How to get users, where to focus your attention, and when? We open the reality of a game entrepreneur: what can you expect, what surprises are there, what mistakes should you know beforehand, and try to avoid making?


Course topics:

Game Design

Graphic Design

3D Graphics

2D Graphics


Story/World Design

Concept Art

User Acquisition




Job Applying

UX (User experience)

UI (User interface)


Our Finnish course Game Development Essentials for Beginners can be found in Udemy: 


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Our company is made of passionate and professional individuals that all come from different backgrounds and with a different view. Combined, our team is an idea-rich, efficient, and comprehensive mix that gets things done.


Klaus Kääriäinen

Klaus has been in the game industry since 2009 working with multiple different game projects. He has created graphics, sounds, effects, and design for games like Gunnheim, Hypersensitive Bob, and Airbuccaneers. At Jestercraft, he mainly focuses to keep the projects on-going, do the business stuff, and aim to reserve time for the graphics and design.


Maarit Luttinen

Maarit has a background in fine art, from 2013. She has a BA in fine arts and has attended and curated exhibitions across Finland and abroad. She changed to the design & game industry a few years ago and has been working with graphic design, game art, and game design ever since. 


Naja Mazur

Naja has been in the design industry from 2015. She started her career as a graphic, web, and UI/UX designer. Now she is studying game design (from 2019). Naja creates graphics in different styles for various projects. Interested in both 2D and 3D art.


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