Greetings adventurer!

It's Klaus 'Jestercraft' Kääriäinen here. I'm an independent veteran game developer from Finland.

I'm here to craft epic 'Seeker' universe for you and adventure craving families, while sharing my journey on the way as educational digital and physical content.

Jestercraft Patreon

We are updating our Patreon regularly and offer Seeker -related extra content for our Patreons. We also provide interesting and transparent resources for independent game development.

Seeker: Battle Cards

The physical card game for the Seeker universe. Seeker: Battle Cards is a physical card game which features turn-based 2-6 player games with casual, but strategic elements. Prepare your seekers to battle with equipment and abilities, but keep them reinforced for upcoming defensive measures.

The game features epic battles with calculations for younger players to learn math while playing and having fun with friends and family. Seeker: Battle Cards have been designed for players of all ages. The box contains 50 playing cards and instructions & rules both in English and Finnish.


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