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Crafts & Stories

Your Seeker -journey starts here!

Start your adventure through the Seeker universe on mobile, virtual reality and PC.

Build your dream team by catching and hatching the legendary Seekers. Challenge yourself on puzzles, epic boss fights, card games and get carried away with the wonderful stories in the world of the Seeker.
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Our games

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Seeker: My Shadow

A Virtual Reality game in calming and relaxing atmosphere. Solve puzzles solo or team up in the co-op mode.

The Jesterians have broken free from the magic prison. It is your task to help Kippo, Spirit & Viktor to lock the prison gates for good.

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Seeker: Quest

Catch, hatch and level up your Seekers to build your epic Seeker roster with dozens of abilities.

The Jesterians got their way through the Abyss into a brand-new continent. Build your village and explore the uncharted meadows of the new world.

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Seeker: Halina

Free & paid, fully narrated and illustrated visual novels for the whole family to enjoy.

Listen to the adventures of the Seekers in Sylvania. Find the lost letter with Kippo, or why not ride to the Nights Festival on the back of mighty Ramhog?



Seeker: Battle Cards

Strategic physical card game set in the Seeker world. Learn the powers of each card and Seeker.

Plan your attack with Power cards and prepare for defense with the items and Spirit Orbs. With one deck, the game can be enjoyed by 2-4 players.

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Seeker: My Shadow

Seeker: My Shadow is a VR adventure that utilizes the versatility and possibilities of VR, sending players of all ages to an immersive adventure.


Control a Giant Spirit while assisting Kippo, a small and adorable Seeker, through various puzzle levels. Go solo or solve the levels in co-op mode!


Seeker: My Shadow is available on Steam and soon on PSVR2. Family friendly adventure with local co-op functionality (controller support)


Seeker: Halina

Collection of free & paid, fully narrated visual novel which features a story rich, family friendly adventure in a fantasy world full of exciting Seeker species.


The majestic cities and cozy villages are blooming – there is joy to share and mysteries to solve. Your journey starts here!


Seeker: Halina is a family friendly visual novel with fully narrated story and voices. Includes relaxing soundtrack. Available on Steam and soon on mobile devices.

Seeker: Quest

Seeker: Quest features top-down action adventure with your favorite Seekers and variety of selectable heroes with unique abilities. Go through the story and level up your Seekers for hidden powers. 

Some Naturian planet Seekers drop Seekeggs when defeated. Hatch them with care and you may be surprised when the hatching take place!

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Seeker: Quest is a single player adventure with unlockable content by playing, or by purchasing the DLCs. Seeker: Quest will become available on Steam and on mobile devices.


Seeker: Battle Cards

Seeker: Battle Cards is a physical card game which features 2-4 player games with casual, but strategic elements. Prepare your Seekers to battle with equipment and abilities, but keep them reinforced for upcoming defensive measures. 

Seeker: Battle Cards features easy calculations for younger players to learn math while playing and having fun. It is designed for players of all ages.


Seeker: Battle Cards is a physical card game which can be ordered online. One card pack enables gameplay for 2-4 players. Seeker characters battle each other on turn-based action and the best powered Seeker wins. 

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