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Creators of the Seeker -universe

Jestercraft is an independent games development company located in Jyväskylä, Finland. 


Our mission

Story-driven, casual and true user experiences without watching ads or "pay to win" -game mechanics.

Story Driven

Our games follow the same storyline and feature a specific scenario or timeline from the Seeker universe – from the creation of the Elemental Planets to the circle of life.

By playing multiple Seeker games, you may discover the connections between them.

No Ads or "Pay to Win"

We want to encourage true user experiences without spending time in watching ads or encouraging players to pay for their in-game powers.

Our games are either free-to-play with in-app purchases for bonus content/cosmetics or one-time purchase to unlock the full game.


Family Friendly & Casual

We create an environment which is safe for children to discover and to play in, but also offer entertainment deep enough for adults to enjoy as well.


There are hidden details and jokes for grown-up audience to understand, but are not necessary to enjoy the Seeker universe and its lore.

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