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Is it the financial success you're seeking?

Road to success takes time

In business, the most efficient indicator for success is obviously money. If you have a lot of it, you are most likely successful in your work. Does money bring the joy of success as well? Having loads of money may spike your feeling of success and joy, but how long does it last? In the end, we humans keep on seeking “purpose” for the stuff we do and I personally think that all of us also want to do good things to others, in a way or another.

Financial success is the dream of most of the people, but most of us are not ready to face the challenges it requires you to do. I personally would say that there are two ways to be financially successful. The first one is with pure luck. Be in the right place, in the right time and say/do the right things. It’s like lottery.

People who find financial success with luck confuses the people, who have worked for long trying to find the success. Someone steps in with the right lottery coupon and takes the price. It may feel depressing for the people, who’ve worked for long and they may even start to think that are they doing something wrong.

I would say that the people who find themselves thinking “am I doing something wrong” are the ones, who build the most solid structure for the upcoming success. They actually have to think of their ways of doing business, talking with others and seeing what works and what does not. Not only for the existing markets, but for themselves. People who take the “shortcut” can easily find themselves in fighting with the same issues later in their lives/business.

The road to success can (and most likely will) take for a long time. To seek only for the financial success, you may find yourself stressed, working for long hours, not feeling joy for your work and maybe even get depressed. If you have a purpose for your work and you do something which feels precious for yourself personally, it’s much easier to keep on going, even through the rough times.

And in the end, can you be proud of the stuff you’ve done? Can you be proud with the financial success, or do you need something else? Even when you fail, you can stand behind your work and say “I couldn’t use my time better”. That’s the type of a success, we all should be seeking.

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